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Tru Blue


Tru Blue a powder detergent for the trucking industry. Designed to easily clean and remove baked on road film allowing the dirt and grime to be washed away. Tru Blue is extremely effective on stainless and chrome tanker trucks and prevents spotting and run marks. Tru Blue uses natural solvents to provide excellent cut to clean even the toughest of dirt, and can be used on tankers, heavy equipment and semi-trucks. Tru Blue is also effective as a commercial grade laundry detergent and easily cleans the grease and oil from coveralls and gloves.

  • Designed for the trucking industry
  • Won’t leave spotting or run marks on tankers
  • Easily removes dirt and baked on road film
  • Can be used to as detergent to clean coverall and gloves

Available in: 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 50 Kg

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