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Floor Care
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Supreme is a water based impermeable membrane that adheres to porous surfaces to create an invisible barrier and protect the hard surface from stain causing elements. Once Supreme is cured to the porous surface it makes cleanup a breeze as liquids will pool making them easier to clean up. Supreme is effective on terrazzo, slate, brick, raw concrete, paving brick, stone, exposed aggregate, quarry tile, ceramic tile and stucco. It is also effective as a grout sealer to prevent grout from staining. Supreme provide a non-slip, extremely durable coating.

  • Effective on all porous hard surfaces
  • Non-slip & Extremely durable coating
  • Water and Stain repellency

Available in: 1 Litre, 4 Litre (1 gal), and 20 Litre (5 gal)

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